Happy New Year

Hello Everyone,

Wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year. May this New Year bring all the happiness and love in your life.

Happy New Year 2015

P S:  My New year shopping haul is coming soon. 🙂




Does L’oreal YouthCode Luminize Super Serum Give You Luminous Skin

Hello Beauties,

Not radiating your youthful fresh, youthful glow? What if you had the code to unify irregular skin tone and re-awaken a more even, luminous complexion?

Yes, Today I am reviewing L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum which claims to give you re-awaken luminous, even, youthful looking skin.


 What L’oreal says about this:

L’oreal research has identified genes that contribute to regulating skin pigmentation, evenness and luminosity. Irregular skin tone- skin looks dull   and loses its vitality.

  • Effective Results:

Immediately, skin is intensely hydrated, with dewy look.

In 1 Week, irregular pigmentation begins to appear reduced. Skin looks fresher and brighter.

In 1 month, complexion irregularities appear reduced. Skin looks more even and luminous.

  •  Unique Texture:

The Luxurious texture feels light, silky and intensely hydrating. It penetrates the skin instantly to provide a sensation of intense hydration with sheer, dewy finish.

  • Application Method:

Apply 2-3 pumps in circular motion over the face and neck. Can be used alone but complete your skincare regime, use before Youth Code Luminize day cream.


My Experience with L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum:

This summer I was very busy in planning my sister’s wedding. We used to be out all day shopping and it was very hot out there. My skin care regime was totally messed up because of all hustle. I got tanned badly with many sun spots on my cheeks. I was searching for a good tan and pigmentation removal serum, cream etc. I write so many good reviews about L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum so I ordered it.


Packging : L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum comes in a gray glass bottle with a pump cap. To get the product you need to rotate the cap and press the pump. I find packing very hygienic. Only cons is bottle is not transparent so you can’t see how much product is left.

 Price: 1450 Rs for 30 ml

Texture: L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum has pearly white texture. It has slightly citrus fragrance which fades away in sometime after application.



I have been using this serum not for almost 2 months. I apply it every day morning and evening after cleansing and toning my face. Two pumps are good to cover all my face and neck. As claimed this serum hydrates my skin instantly after application. I have combination skin which prone to dehydrates in colder months. It provides good hydration to my skin without making it greasy and oily. Every morning I wake up with hydrated skin after using this. It takes care of my dry cheeks. I did not get any zits or acne because of this.

With In a week, after using this I can certainly see my tan start getting to fad and skin start looking clearer. The sun spots also start to fade what were still visible.

After 1 month, pigmentation was faded to great extent although were not completely clear. Tan was completely gone and skin started to look more radiant, even-tone, bright and clear. I am very happy with the results.

The quantity of product is good. I am using it for almost 2 months and still quantity for almost 7 days is left in bottle. Yes, I opened the cap and checked it. 😉

I totally love this product.



Hygienic packaging.

Provides intense hydration

Removes tan

Reduces pigmentation and sun spots

Makes skin clear, bright and even tone

Gives dewy look to skin after application

Little goes long way



Will not suit to oily skin beauties.

Recommendation: Yes, I recommend it to all dry to combination skin beauties that are looking for good serum for pigmented and tanned skin.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold and Fiesty Fuchsia Review

Hello Beauties,

Today, I am going to review my favorite nail paints. Maybelline is launching great makeup products lately and that too on good prices. Maybelline is now becoming my favorite drug store brand here in India.


  • What Maybelline claims:
    Chip Free Nail Color, Straight from the Shows
    The Official Nail Color of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York
    Long lasting nail polish
  • Why You’ll Love It

No chip color nail lacquer straight from the shows. Easy-flow brush. Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene free.

  • For Best Results

First apply a clear base coat to prevent your nails from yellowing and to help your nail color last longer. With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish up the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip. For the cleanest look, be sure to leave a small space at the base of the nail. Then apply nail color to the rest of the nail.


My Experience with Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold and Fiesty Fuchsia:

Gold and pink are my favorite color combination. Yes, I love both color together. This is the dominant color combination when it comes to choose any festive or wedding apparel in India. You girls must have one outfit in Pink and Gold. Right???


Well, let me review my favorite nail color from Maybelline in shade Bold Gold and Fiesty Fuchsia.

Maybelline color show nail paints available in 40 shades. You will get almost all color in these from red to coral, orange to pink, silver to black, blue.

The price of these nail paints are such a still just Rs 75 for 6 ml. You can grab online at great discounts.

Packaging : This nail paints come is small round glass bottle with black screw cap. The name and number of every shade is written on the cap of the bottle. The brush is quite good and applies nail paint evenly.

Color and Texture: The Bold Gold is very festive color. The finish is metallic gold. One coat is good for opaque coverage. I love to use this color with combination of pink or corals on my nails. It stays on nails for 3 to 4 days and then start chipping off with all the house chores. I am totally okay with this. Look at the price, sweetie. 🙂


The Fiesty Fuchsia is blue based lovely pink shade. The finish is creamy. One swipe is good for opaque coverage however I love to apply 2 coats for intense color. It brightens up my hand instantly. It also start chipping of in 3 days.


I totally Love these nail paints. Maybelline also launched Maybelline Color Show Bright Sparks Nail Polish and Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania in 8 shades. I will review these soon.



  • Variety of color to choose. Available in 40 shades
  • Affordable
  • Quick drying formula
  • Excellent Gel Like formula
  • Great finish
  • Can easily wear for 3 to 4 days without chipping


  • No cons. These are great nail paints. Go grab it.

Rating: 5/5


Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush: Soft Peach Review

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to review my first ever cream blush. I love blushes and I have a many of its. It gives a beautiful warmth and glow to my pale complexion.


Product claims:

Lightweight cream blush that sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow. Build-able color blends effortlessly into skin, creating a soft focus effect. Contains Illuma-Flair for a natural and luminous result in any light.


My Take on the Oriflame Studio Artist cream blush:

Oriflame Studio Artist cream blush is first cream blush I have ever purchased. It is available in 3 shades:

  1. Soft Peach
  2. Pink Glow
  3. Sheer Berry

I choose Soft Peach which is the lightest shade.


Price: 549 rs for 20 ml can be picked up while offers

Packaging : This Blush comes in transparent plastic tube with black screw cape. As tube is transparent we can easily see the color of blush and quantity left in tube. Tube has a tiny hole and it control over quantity of dispensed product. I Like the packaging as it is convenient to use and hygienic.


Color and Texture: The Soft Peach as name suggests is baby pink peach color. This color will not show up on medium to dusky skin tone. It is very sheer and light. It is good for fair skin tone. It gives a light peachy glow to my skin after blending. The color is easily build-able with more quantity of blush. It has creamy consistency and moisturizing property. It has very tiny shimmer particles which will not be visible in the swathes. The shimmer is very subtle it does not show up on the skin.




I love using it every day because of it sheer peachy color. It is good for office; college goers when we do not want to overdo our blush still want a glow on face. I apply it with my fingers however it also blends well with blush brush. It stays for 4 to 5 hours on my bare face. With proper foundation and primer it can stay up to 6 to 7 hours and again can always be layered with a powder blush to increase the staying power. It does not seem oily on my combination skin rather it gives me a nice dewy glow which I love.

I like quite this blush would love to try rest two shades specially the Pink Glow.


  • Has moisturizing properties
  • Gives nice glow to face
  • Easily blend able
  • Color is build-able
  • Convenient, hygienic and easy to use packaging
  • Does not leave heavy stain
  • Non-greasy, Non- oily formula. Good for oily skinned beauties as well
  • Has good wear time
  • Can be picked up at discounted rates


  • Availability only through Oriflame representative
  • The particular color will not show up on medium to dusky skin

Recommendation: Yes, I recommend this cream blush to fair skin beauties and medium skin beauties can definitely check the other shades.

Rating: 4.5/5

I hope you like my first review. I will be back soon with an another beauty article. Till then Bye.

Stay Beautiful


My Favorite lip balms

Hello Everyone,

Finally, winter is here. I Love winters. You can wear Coats, Boots, and Scarves, flaunt your red lipstick with more confident, eat more; have multiple cups of coffee. But, there is a second side of winter too. Your skin, lips and hair become drier. You need to take extra care of your skin, hairs and lips in winter.

Our lips are the most sensitive area of our face. It exposes directly to cool wind, dust and pollution. Lip area lacks oil glands so lips can become very dry and choppy in winter if we don’t care it properly.

Lip balm is must have in winter in fact you should always have one in all seasons.

Today, I am going to list down my favorite lip balms.  I am big fan of lip balms. I have many of its. I personally do not stick to one brand all the time. But few are my favorite.




1    Maybelline Baby Lips:

I love Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms. It really gives you baby soft lips.

What Maybelline claims :

Keep lips kiss-ably soft with a lip-renewing balm from Maybelline New York. Go neutral, or choose a light touch of color that packs a powerhouse of clinical care. Enjoy a full 8 hours of continuous hydration, for visibly healthier lips in just 4 weeks. Choose your favorite shade, or opt for a formula that automatically “blooms” on your lips to your perfect pink.


My take on Maybelline Baby Lips:

 Maybelline baby lips balms are one of the best lip balms available in India.

  • The packaging is cute and travel friendly.
  • It is tinted lip balms and color available from baby pink to neon pink.
  • It has thick creamy consistency but not sticky on lips after application.
  • Makes your lips really soft after application.
  • It has SPF of 16.
  • Available in many shades.
  • Keep lips hydrated for 4 to 5 hours after that you will need to reapply.
  • Pocket friendly price is from 125 to 175. Varies on different online sites.


I have Anti-oxidant Berry, Berry crush, Cherry Kiss. I also have Tangerine pop and Neon Rose from Maybelline Baby Lips Bright collection.

Anti-Oxidant Berry is non-tinted, white, transparent lip balm. I love to apply it during night and next morning I wake up with soft and healed lips.

Berry Crush has deep berry tint, which look beautiful on lips. I love to use it instead of lip gloss during any casual outing.


Cheery Kiss is Pink tinted lip balm. It looks lovely on bare lips.


Neon Rose has strong rose tint. I love it. It looks pretty on lips.


Tangerine pop has coral orange tint. It looks lovely on lips

2. Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy:

 These are my second favorite lip balms.

What Lotus Herbals claims:

A 3 in 1 product, which Rehydrates, Heals and protects the lips while leaving lips soft, smooth and supple.


 My Take on Lotus Herbals lip Therapy

  • 100 percent natural
  • Have Shea butter in ingredients ( Shea Butter has amazing skin softening properties)
  • Have SPF of 15
  • Smells heavenly
  • Make lip soft and supple
  • Non tinted

I currently have Lotus Herbals Vanilla Lip Therapy.  I love its vanilla fragrance. I used to have Chocolate, Cocoa, Cheery and Velvety Rose as well. All are equally good but if I have to go for one I will choose Velvety rose, because it smells like fresh roses.

3.  Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine:

 These are highly tinted lip balms. If you do not want to apply lipstick and still want get soft pink shine on your lips, you can go for these. These are my day time lip balms when I am heading out causally and just want a little shine and protection for my lips.

What Nivea Claims:

Discover the delicious fruity scent and fabulous shimmer! The NIVEA Fruity Shine Range, with Fruit Extracts and Shimmering Pigments keeps your lips as soft and fresh as they can be!


My Take on Nivea Fruity Shine Lip balms:

  • As name suggested, it smells like fruits. They have 4 different versions of these Strawberry, Guava, Pomegranate and Cherry.
  • Make lips soft and supple
  • Gives shine to lips
  • Gives a visible tint to lips which stays for 3 to 4 hours
  • Have SPF
  • Only drawback is that it melts in summer.

I have Nivea fruity shine in strawberry flavor as this my favorite flavor for lip products. It has strong pink red tinted which looks beautiful on lips and imparts amazing shine to lip in just 2 swipes.



So, girls these are my favorite lip balms right now.  Tell me, which one you liked most. What are your favorite lip care products?  Do you like tinted lip balms like I do? Please comment below.

Stay Beautiful.

See you soon 🙂

How to Choose the Perfect Foundation

Hello Beauties,

Today, I am sharing tips and tricks with you to choose right shade of foundation according to your skin tone. A great foundation is must for great looking skin. If you are blessed with natural glowing, blemishes free skin (lucky ones), you can use the foundation to get a makeup base for you. If you have blemishes, open pores, pigmentation, you can hide these imperfections with a perfect foundation for those special occasions. However, getting a perfect foundation is a tricky one. I am listing some tips and tricks to choose the right foundation for you. Hope this will help!!


Let’s start:

  1. Identify you skin tone:

There are 3 types of skin tone Warm, Cool and Neutral. Now, how to know you are in which category. Well, here are some tips for this:

  •  Hold up your wrist in direct sunlight, if your blood veins seem to be green you are cool undertone. If it seems blue you are warm undertone.
  • Keep a piece of white paper on your face. Take note of your skin’s tone in contrast to the white. If it looks yellow or golden, then you have a warm skin color. If it looks pinkish, you have a cool tone.

If gold jewelry suits you more, you have warm undertone. If sliver brightens you up, then you have cool undertone. If gold and silver both look graceful on you then you are lucky, you have neutral undertone.


Most Indian women have warm undertone.

Now we know our skin tone so here is a guide to look for perfect foundation for you:

  • Cool skin tone beauties should look for a foundation that has rosier, redder, or blue base.
  • Warm skin tone beauties should go for a for foundation that has a golden or yellow base.

Neutral tone beauties can go for either one yellow base or blue base foundation.

2  How to test your foundation

Always, hunt for a good foundation in a drug store. Never buy a foundation online till the time you have the best shade for you and want to have a backup for that perfect foundation.

When you are in the store, the SA asks you to try any foundation under your wrist. Never go for that. They said the skin tone under your wrist matches to your face but it’s not. The skin under our wrist is usually lighter than our face and SA wants to sell us the foundation which makes us a white ghost but we don’t want it. You should always test the foundation on your jaw line. Choose the 3 shades closer to your skin tone and apply on your jaw line, now look for perfect shade. Always keep a flat foundation brush with you so you can apply the foundation with it.

If you are going for foundation shopping take your best buddy with you so she can help you in finding the perfect shade.Always test the foundation in natural sun light as store lights don’t show actual color.

If you are concern with oxidization of your foundation apply it on your face go for a round in shopping mall (I am sure you will never return empty hand). After 30 minutes, you can check if foundation changes color or not. If foundation oxidized in air it changes color. It can be taken care of with a perfect compact.

3 Coverage

Well, Coverage of foundation is personal call. You can look for sheer coverage foundation for daily uses. BB and CC creams also can serve this purpose. Medium and full coverage foundation can be saved for special occasions.

4. Skin Type

You should choose your foundation according to skin type.

Oily skin divas look for matifying, Oil free or Powder foundation.

Dry skin beauties look for creamy liquid, hydrating foundation.

Combination skin beauties can go for cream or powder ones as per choice.


 So beauties, these are some tips which you should keep in mind while choosing the perfect foundation for you. I hope I was able to help you in choosing your dream foundation for you.

Please comment below if you have any queries or suggestions for my blog.

Take Care 🙂

Welcome to My World

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post to my blog. Hope you will enjoy!!!

We all girls love our perfect outfit on birthday, perfect coffee date makeup, perfect soft curls or a simple homemade pack which gives us instant glow, Right? So here I am with a brand new blog “Blush & Gloss”. I will share latest fashion trends, makeup ideas, looks, hairstyles, review beauty products for you.

Today, I am going to list down my favorites here in my first post.

1. Kohled Eyes

Every girl must have a Kohl, Kajal pencil or a box of surma in her makeup box regardless the fact she loves makeup or not. Kohl is a universal makeup product. Our Makeup vanity is incomplete without a black Kohl Pencil . I love love love Kohled Eyes since childhood. I used to apply simple homemade surma in my school days and now it is replaced with waterproofed Kajal pencils.

Kajal Magique TVC - English (20 secs).MP4_000001880


2. Red Lips

Red Lips can never be out of fashion. If you are a makeup junkie, you should have one Red Lippi in your kitty. I know, It takes lot of courage to wear red lips out in public, but trust me once you will find the best shade for you, you will just love it. Red Lips can transform a girl next door to a glam diva. So, go grab the perfect shade for you.



3. Braids 

I have been loving side braids, french braids , Messy braids lately. If you have a bad hair day simply go for a messy side braid and you are good to go. Many Bollywood, Hollywood actress, models has spotted with side braids with Anarkali suits, gowns, Jeans, Dresses.  I am in love head over heals with this hairstyle.


4. Anarkali Suits

You can never go wrong with a flaring, long Anarkali suit. If you don’t have time to drape your 7 yards long saree for a your friends wedding you can simply pick a dark or neon colored full length Anarkali,pair it up with some jumki, bangles and your favorite mojari and Voila.. You can dance all night long.



5. Earrings 

I love big Jumkies, Chandbalis, oxidized earrings these days. This one accessory is enough to transform you into a princess. Pair it up with all your ethic wears and you are ready to rock.


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So girls, These are my Favorites at this time. Please share your’s with me. I hope you like my first post. Please share your ideas with me.


See you Soon!! 🙂