Does L’oreal YouthCode Luminize Super Serum Give You Luminous Skin

Hello Beauties,

Not radiating your youthful fresh, youthful glow? What if you had the code to unify irregular skin tone and re-awaken a more even, luminous complexion?

Yes, Today I am reviewing L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum which claims to give you re-awaken luminous, even, youthful looking skin.


 What L’oreal says about this:

L’oreal research has identified genes that contribute to regulating skin pigmentation, evenness and luminosity. Irregular skin tone- skin looks dull   and loses its vitality.

  • Effective Results:

Immediately, skin is intensely hydrated, with dewy look.

In 1 Week, irregular pigmentation begins to appear reduced. Skin looks fresher and brighter.

In 1 month, complexion irregularities appear reduced. Skin looks more even and luminous.

  •  Unique Texture:

The Luxurious texture feels light, silky and intensely hydrating. It penetrates the skin instantly to provide a sensation of intense hydration with sheer, dewy finish.

  • Application Method:

Apply 2-3 pumps in circular motion over the face and neck. Can be used alone but complete your skincare regime, use before Youth Code Luminize day cream.


My Experience with L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum:

This summer I was very busy in planning my sister’s wedding. We used to be out all day shopping and it was very hot out there. My skin care regime was totally messed up because of all hustle. I got tanned badly with many sun spots on my cheeks. I was searching for a good tan and pigmentation removal serum, cream etc. I write so many good reviews about L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum so I ordered it.


Packging : L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum comes in a gray glass bottle with a pump cap. To get the product you need to rotate the cap and press the pump. I find packing very hygienic. Only cons is bottle is not transparent so you can’t see how much product is left.

 Price: 1450 Rs for 30 ml

Texture: L’oreal YouthCode Luminize super serum has pearly white texture. It has slightly citrus fragrance which fades away in sometime after application.



I have been using this serum not for almost 2 months. I apply it every day morning and evening after cleansing and toning my face. Two pumps are good to cover all my face and neck. As claimed this serum hydrates my skin instantly after application. I have combination skin which prone to dehydrates in colder months. It provides good hydration to my skin without making it greasy and oily. Every morning I wake up with hydrated skin after using this. It takes care of my dry cheeks. I did not get any zits or acne because of this.

With In a week, after using this I can certainly see my tan start getting to fad and skin start looking clearer. The sun spots also start to fade what were still visible.

After 1 month, pigmentation was faded to great extent although were not completely clear. Tan was completely gone and skin started to look more radiant, even-tone, bright and clear. I am very happy with the results.

The quantity of product is good. I am using it for almost 2 months and still quantity for almost 7 days is left in bottle. Yes, I opened the cap and checked it. 😉

I totally love this product.



Hygienic packaging.

Provides intense hydration

Removes tan

Reduces pigmentation and sun spots

Makes skin clear, bright and even tone

Gives dewy look to skin after application

Little goes long way



Will not suit to oily skin beauties.

Recommendation: Yes, I recommend it to all dry to combination skin beauties that are looking for good serum for pigmented and tanned skin.

Rating: 4.5/ 5


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